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Dora Designs Doorstops & Draught Excluders New Arrivals

Dora Designs Doorstops Fennella Foxglove Fox CF34

Dora Designs Doorstops & Draught Excluders New Arrivals

We are besotted with Dora Designs Doorstops & Draught Excluders and have been stocking these products for the last 4 years. We continually but selectively grow the range with the new editions that are introduced each year, by this award winning company.

New in to the Dora Collection for 2017 are doorstops and draught excluders from the Country Collectables Range. Also featuring designs from the Traditional Range, the Canine Collection and the Patchwork Range. Some examples are shown below. Just how cute, collectable, and of course functional are these? With a wide range of fun and quirky animal doorstops and draught excluders, there is something there for everyone, whether it is your favourite pet of country animal.

Our strong favourites just have to be Fennella Foxglove and Marcus Fielding, these two foxes make such a lovely couple!

I think they also have their eye on Amos Hare as a companion!

But then how can you also resist your favourite pet dog or cat? There’s Alfie the Aireldale, very popular, and Bogart Pug plus many more to choose from here at Maison White.

Our recent additions include Doorstops with fancy and topical clothing accessories, there is Oscar Otter, can you see the fish hanging out of his bag? And then there is Mrs Hedges, she looks all dressed up for the market!

About Dora Designs Doorstops

Dora Designs Limited are at the forefront of designs of home accessories and gifts mainly based on animal characters. The unique, different and original collection of products made from high quality fabric are all the creation of Angela the founder of the company.

The products attract people to retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom and their highly collectable nature ensures that they will return looking for the latest additions to the range.

Celebrating their 24th year! the company was founded back in 1991 by Angela when she started to design and manufacture fabric doorstops on her parent’s dining table. She would then sell at craft fair and some of these original designs are still within the collection today.

The company’s growth has been considerable and as well as wide distribution to outlets in the UK the Dora brand is also obtaining an international reputation.

New Dora Designs Doorstops Now in Stock

Dora Designs Porsche the French Poodle Doorstop DDS13
Porsche the French Poodle DDS13
Dora Designs Doorstop Mrs Hedges CF10
Mrs Hedges CF10
Dora Designs Doorstop Hyde Pig DS168
Hyde Pig DS168
Draught Excluder Lord Oliver's Family DE22
Draught Excluder Lord Oliver’s Family DE22
Dora Designs Draught Excluder Bertie Bristles DE33
Draught Excluder Bertie Bristles DE33
Doorstop King Charles DSND11
King Charles DSND11
Dora Designs Doorstop Fennella Foxglove Fox CF34
Fennella Foxglove Fox CF34
Dora Designs Marcus Fielding Fox Doorstop CF01
Dora Designs Marcus Fielding Doorstop CF01
Dora Designs Doorstop Amos Hare CF02
Amos Hare CF02
Dora Designs Puffin John Fisher Doorstop CF33
Dora Designs Puffin John Fisher CF33







































































Dora Doorstops Range Additions for 2017

We are pleased to announce some new additions to our range of Dora Designs Draught Excluders and Doorstops. Take a look at these fun and quirky, yet high quality additions. There is Dora Patchwork Pig, Lionel Armstrong Frog and the very popular Tibby Cat & Mouse Doorstop. And due to the popularity of our Maine Coon Cats Draught Excluder we have introduced the Posh Majestic Maine Coon Cat Doorstop


Dora Designs Maine Coon Cat DSDOT01
Dora Designs Maine Coon Cat DSDOT01
Dora Designs Lionel Armstrong CF20
Dora Designs Lionel Armstrong CF20
Dora Designs Dora Mouse CF16
Dora Designs Dora Mouse CF16

And here is a special treat just for the festive season, Dora Designs have introduced the Christmas Reindeer Doorstop. A very colourful chap indeed in Multi-coloured knitted Aztec fabric. Just the perfect festive companion for your home to sit patiently by your door. What would Christmas be without him doing what he likes best.

We’ve also recently added some more quirky fun stuffed animal doorstops, visit our Dora Designs Page to see what’s new!

Dora Designs Doorstops 2018

Following our visit to the Spring Fair 2018, we are delighted with the new Dora Designs. We have added some new and quirky door stops and draught excluders to our growing range. Fist we just have to show you Henry the Bloodhound Doorstop.

Dora Designs Henry Bloodhound Doorstop DDS26
Dora Designs Henry Bloodhound Doorstop DDS26

Henry Bloodhound Doorstop

Henry comes from the Pedigree range of course, he has light and dark brown dogtooth fabric with faux leather and velveteen detailing. This is sure to be a very popular addition.

We also fell in love with this Buttercup Cow Draught Excluder.

Dora Designs Buttercup Snr Draught Excluder DE41
Dora Designs Buttercup Snr Draught Excluder DE41

Dora Designs Buttercup Snr Draught Excluder

Just how cute can draught excluders get? A loveable Buttercup Cow makes this adorable draught excluder constructed in Beige brocade fabric with silk trim and faux fur detail a must have addition to your home.

You can see all our Dora Design Doorstops and Draught Excluders on our main page.


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