New Jellycat Range

Jellycat Percy Penguin PER6L 1

Jellycat Xmas 2018

This years xmas range of Jellycat Soft Toys just has to be the best ever. First of all on early release is Percy Penguin, he is available in small and medium. Percy is sure to be a to be in very high demand.

Jellycat Percy Penguin PER6L 1
Jellycat Percy Penguin PER6L 1

There is also a stunning new Jellycat Pompom “Dazzle”, available in two sizes, and the just have to have accessory, Pompom Dazzle Bag Charm.

Jellycat Dazzle Bag Charm D4BC
Dazzle Bag Charm D4BC
Jellycat Pompom Dazzle Large PPL2D
Pompom Dazzle Large PPL2D

Ready for those extra special little presents, Jellycat have introduced their very own stockings, these are just so cute. There are 3 options to choose from. Firstly there is that xmas favourite bunny Twinkle Bunny Stocking, Bashful Polar Bear Stocking, and Bashful Penguin Stocking.

Jellycat Bashful Twinkle Bunny Stocking BS4TB
Bashful Twinkle Bunny Stocking BS4TB
Jellycat Bashful Polar Bear Stocking BS4PB
Bashful Polar Bear Stocking BS4PB
Jellycat Bashful Penguin Stocking BS4P
Jellycat Bashful Penguin Stocking BS4P

Of course what Jellycat Xmas range would it be if it did not feature the very popular, Leffy Elf, well this year he is available in two sizes. Leffy is also accompanied by Snowflake Elf to help him make all those toys, as it looks like it’s going to be very busy.

Jellycat Leffy Elf LEF2E
Leffy Elf LEF2E
Jellycat Snowflake Elf SF2E
Snowflake Elf SF2E

For this xmas 2018 there will be two very special Santas, Berry Santa who is available in two sizes and to compliment him, Jellycat introduce Snowflake Santa.

Jellycat Berry Santa Medium B4SM
Berry Santa Medium B4SM
Jellycat Snowflake Santa SF2SM
Snowflake Santa SF2SM

The festive Poppets are also returning with new longer caps, which make them even more cute than last year. But our firm favourites just have to be Bashful Pink Snow Bunny and Bashful Cream Snow Bunny, they look like they are all dressed up ready for Vogue.

Jellycat Bashful Pink Snow Bunny BASS4BS
Bashful Pink Snow Bunny BASS4BS
Jellycat Bashful Cream Snow Bunny BASS4CS
Bashful Cream Snow Bunny BASS4CS

There are so much more new additions to the Jellycat range for xmas 2018, so pop on over to our Jellycat Pages and check them out.

Jellycat Gift Sets

New and exclusive to Maison White are a range of Jellycat Toy Gift Sets. These have been ‘bundled’ through choosing the most popular products that are usually purchased together. But as a set you gain the beneficial price as opposed to buying them alone.

Here’s a few to wet your appetite, they are just surely going to be the ideal baby shower gift. We’ve even made sure to add some neutral options off those awaiting the surprise of their new bundle!

Pink Buny Blanket & Rattle Gift Set

Blue Bunny Blanket & Rattle Gift Set

Beige Bunny Blanket & Bunny Gift Set

Beige Bunny & Book Set

More New Jellycat Additions for 2018

We’ve just ordered in some fantastic additions from the New Jellycat 2018 Launch. Some new Fancy Flamingos, Fancy Swans and the latest addition Fancy Peacock that you are just going to fall in love with. There are also some funky new pompoms coming in wild and wonderful colours of Raspberry Ripple Pompom and Candy Floss Pompom.

Just check out Maximus Mammoth and these new birds Silkie Chicken, and Orpie Chicken they are going to be highly popular. Where do the designers at Jellycat find the names for these quirky animals?

Jellycat Silkie Chicken SIL2C
Silkie Chicken SIL2C
Jellycat Orpie Chicken ORP2C
Orpie Chicken ORP2C
Jellycat Maximus Mammoth
Jellycat Maximus Mammoth













We’ve also got some other new birds in too, there is Fancy Swan, Fancy Flamingo, Flo Maflingo, Bobby Stork, who is surely going to be a big hit for the Baby Shower boom, and Gabby Goose. Best of all though is Delphine Duck she is just gorgeous.

Jellycat Delphine Duck
Delphine Duck
Jellycat Bobby Stork
Bobby Stork












Due to the popularity of Flora Flamingo, she is now available in a bigger option, Jellycat have launched Flora Flamingo Large at 72cm she is one big feathery bird.

New Jellycat Bashful Bunnies

There are a few new additions to the Jellycat Bashful Bunnies, Berry Bunny, Birch Bunny a gorgeous fluffy silver birch colour to join Maple, Pecan and Walnut and a Bashful Truffle Bunny. Last but definitely not least, and when you thought bunnies could not get any bigger, Jellycat have brought out a super super sized bunny, Bashful Beige Really Really Big and Bashful Silver Really Really Big, they are a whopping 108cms tall.

Jellycat Bashful Birch Bunny Medium
Bashful Birch Bunny Medium











Adding to Blossoms there is now a Blossom Beige Large and a Blossom Silver Large, not forgetting the new additions to Yummy, introducing Yummy Angelica and Yummy Pansy to the ever popular Yummy Bunnies, these are super cute and sure to be a firm favourite.

Jellycat Yummy Angelica Bunny YUM6AB
Yummy Angelica Bunny YUM6AB
Jellycat Yummy Pansy Bunny YUM6PB
Yummy Pansy Bunny YUM6PB

You have just got to fall in love with the new Jellycat Lewis Rabbit, we have him in two sizes plus there is a Jitter to complete the collection.

Jellycat Lewis Rabbit LEW2R_3
Jellycat Lewis Rabbit LEW2R_3
Jellycat Lewis Rabbit Jitter LEW4RJ
Lewis Rabbit Jitter LEW4RJ

Coming soon to add new colours available in the Bashful Bunny Collection is the highly sought after Kiwi Bashful Bunny arriving in Medium. To add to the popular Baby Pink and Baby Blue Bunnies, we have added the new Bashful Pink Bunny Large and Bashful Blue Bunny Large.


Other New Animals for 2018

You will just love the new additions, firstly there is the Lovely Llama

Jellycat Lovely Llama LOV2L
Lovely Llama LOV2L

she is full of colour with her lovely long hair. She’s a puffball of candyfloss cuteness, sure to be a firm favourite for 2018.

You just have to see Lollopylou Unicorn, this new play doll is going to be a big hit with Unicorn fans, she also comes as a Chime and a Jitter, just as cute and perfect for baby gifts.

Jellycat Lollopylou Chime LOL2LC_1
Lollopylou Chime LOL2LC_1
Jellycat Lollopylou Jitter LOL4LJ
Lollopylou Jitter LOL4LJ

One of our best sellers last year was Odell Octopus, so to add to the family from under the sea there is now an new size of Odell Baby and a new colour Inky Octopus who also comes in three sizes, medium, little and baby.

Jellycat Inky Octopus OD2INK
Inky Octopus OD2INK

As a special treat for young Octopus lovers there is Oli Octopus, a carnival of colours ideal for Babies to play with his springy arms, and crinkly textures . He also has a sweet jingle and jongle as he moves about.

Jellycat Oli Octopus O2OC
Oli Octopus O2OC

To complete the undersea fun for little ones browse all our Jellycat Toys and seewhat you can find, look out for , a little Odell who is full of fun.

Jellycat Sea Strimmer Octopus Jitter SSJ4O
Jellycat Sea Strimmer Octopus Jitter SSJ4O

Latest 2017 Jellycat Toys Additions

OMG! have you seen the new colour to the range of Bunnies, introducing Bashful Bunny Blush?

Jellycat Bashful Blush Bunny BAS3BLU
Bashful Blush Bunny BAS3BLU

This is sure to be a big winner for the coming festive season, take a look at Jellycat Bashful Bunny Blush for yourself and secure yours now!

Also coming soon is the amazingly stupendous Jellycat Colin Chameleon

Jellycat Colin Chameleon CH3C
Jellycat Colin Chameleon CH3C

he’s been very popular indeed and arriving in stock soon, he’s sure to be in high demand so get in quick before he disappears!

Due to many requests we have also increased our range of Jellycat Bashfuls to include Jellycat Bashful Zebra, Bashful Tiger Cub, Bashful Calf, Bashful Hippo, Bashful Kitty and Bashful Lamb, we hope you enjoy our new additions to the range of exciting and fun, quality soft Jellycat Toys.

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