Angel Wings Wall Art

Angel Wings Wall Hanging Decor Art

angel wings wall hanging decor artMesmorise Angel Wings Wall Art There are many variations of Angel Wings Wall Hanging Decor Art now available due to their growing popularity, but we feel we have the very best of the best for you and your home. At Maison White we have been the leading retailer of Wall Hanging Angel Wings for many years and have offered many options but without doubt the most popular are these mesmorising Large Silver Angel Wings. Taken from a Roman Sculpture, they are made from a resin cast of the original piece, you can’t improve on the original, many have tried but they just don’t come close. Hundreds of our customers can’t be wrong, time and time again we get fabulous reviews, not only on our web site but throughout social media. See for yourself, interior design bloggers and avid Pinterest and Instagram fans reference our Angel Wings in their favourite boards.

The wings are light weight and come with two sturdy hooks attached on the wall facing side so that you can hang them either way up as your heart desires. For best effect I feel they should be placed with a marginal gap but it’s up to your personal taste and for the effect your after.

Many sellers of these Angel Wings prey on the emotions of those that seek solace in the loss of a loved one. Whilst we sympathise with any one who has suffered such loss, we do not claim these Angel Wings are blessed in any way, we simply bring them to you because we think they are divine and bring a clear statement piece to any room in your home or business. Some of our customers have a pub, there are loads of with the name ‘Angel’ in the title, some have Spa’s and feel they provide a tranquil feel to the ambience of the treatment room.

Whatever your desire you will be completely satisfied with your wings!

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