Be my funny Valentine

Jellycat take a pizza of my heart now

You’ve barely digested those delicious Shrove Tuesday pancakes (and scraped the dried up pancake mix/ concrete from the cooker top crevices) and boom, it’s Valentine’s Day and time for love!  Shop our best Valentines buys here.

We at Maison White think any excuse to pause life’s daily grind and just be grateful for those we love is good for the soul so we are here to help you pick out the perfect little something for that human who inhabitants the biggest space in your heart.  

(Oh, and we have the non-humans covered too because let’s be honest, if there’s a pooch in your life, chances are, they sitting pretty at the top of your love list) 

Cocopup Bow Tie - Khaki Leopard
Cocopup Dog Collar - Terry Towel Hot Pink

If you’re opting for the classic tried-and-tested of the Valentine’s Gifts – the iconic plush heart (and it’s a Valentine’s chart-topper for good reason!) it has to be Jellycat quality to set it apart! These fuchsia and crimson sweethearts with their adorable outstretched hug-ready arms are gossamer soft and won’t fail to warm hearts!

Jellycat Amuseable Red Heart Little
Jellycat Amuseable Pink Heart Little

Jellycats are the closest you can get to hugging a cloud (they’re just that soft!) and there are so many wonderful designs to choose from now that you’ll be sure to find something to suit the particular interests of your love interest.


Jellycat Amuseable Sports Table Tennis
Jellycat Amuseable Sports Badminton


Jellycat Amuseable Oats porridge
Amuseable Ramen by Jellycat

For the lover who loves emojis – ? ….! 

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables Aubergine VV6A
Jellycat Toastie Vivacious Aubergine

There’s a Jellycat to suit everyone and turn their favourite treats into a keepsake so choose a gift that is quirky and unique. Just don’t be that partner who swipes the last limp bunch of petrol station flowers or the deodorant set named after a particular wild cat… We have got the goods right here when it comes to thoughtful and tasteful love tokens! Happy Valentines Day!

klb3063 Katie Loxton Heart Keyring & Card Holder Set 'Heart Of Gold' in Eggshell
Gentleman’s Hardware Close Shave kit
5170 Joma Jewellery Riviera Hammered Wave Bangle 2
Joma Jewellery Happy Little Moments 'So Loved' Bracelet
Emma Bridgewater Love Birds Deepwell Metal Tray
2 Slate Gold Leaf Crowned Bee Coasters 2