Dinosaur Lights for the Roar Factor!


It is 60 million years since the dinosaurs stomped and chomped their way around this earth but the universal fascination with all things prehistoric is timeless. What better way to honour the dino dynasty than by illuminating a special space in your home with these roarsome, practical LED and mini LED 3D dinosaur lamps and string lights.

This here is the Blue Stegosaurus Mini LED Lamp, the actual Stegosaurus was a rather large, vegetarian (plant based diet) dinosaur. He spent his time on earth during the late Jurassic Period, which was a really long time about! about 150.8 million to 155.7 million years ago to be more precise. They lived mostly in western North America. Measuring a similar size to a bus, his rows of bony plates along its back made them appear even bigger.

Realistic colour block Mini LED lamps. These are the mini versions of our dinosaur table lamps, they come with a USB cable and batteries (3 x LR44) included. Perfect as a little bedside night light or desk companion. The  lights are made with poly-resin and include a LED bulb inside and the have a switch under the tummy. Comes in white card box with a sticker.

T-Rex | Diplodocus | Stegosaurus | Triceratops

With a wide range of styles and colours, sizes and prices to suit any budget, they make perfect birthday presents for the little people in your life but also the teens, tweens and everything between. Ideal for creating a calming glow to a bedroom, they will help morph your little one from a Tyranna-Stayawaker to a Tyrannosnorus. The range also includes delightfully decorative 3D mugs for serving snooze-inducing warm drinks in pastels and stylishly ombre hues.

The matching mugs come in 5 different styles to suit the dino lamps.

  • Packaging: The cup comes in a bright printed gift box.
  • Materials: Dolomite.
  • Size: 7.6 x 15.5 x 8.5cm

Tyrannosaurus Rex Shaped Mug | Dinosaur Ombre Turquoise Mug | Diplodocus Shaped Mug | Origami Orange Dino | Stegosaurus Shaped Mug


The love of dinosaurs isn’t something that remains in childhood either, bring out your quirky side and have these little stompers light up a Man Cave or She Shed. Make any creative space a little cretaceous or light up a prehistoric themed party to keep the decorations Pinteresting.

GBRTRISKU Triceratops Skull Lamp House of Disaster Designs real looking bedroom lamp2
GBRDIPGRN Green Diplodocus LED Lamp house of disaster night light kids room 2

So for the person who is dippy about the Diplodocus in your life or giddy about the Giganotosaurus, check out the wide range of colours and species of dinosaurs from the Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor to the full parade of dinosaur string lights. There’s the modern looking origami style 3D dinosaur lights or if your budding palaeontologist is a stickler for realism, check out the Natural lights or the wonderfully detailed triceratops skull light. After all, when it comes to history, the dinosaur is a natural.

GBRTRITUR Turquoise Triceratops Lamp house of disaster lamp night light 2 3

Realistic colour block table lamps in various colours. The perfect lamp for any dino enthusiasts! This light is made with an LED bulb inside and features a black cable with switch. Comes in white card box with a sticker.

  • Dino Lamp
  • 15 x 33 cm
  • Poly-resin

There is so much more in the House of Disaster range – http://www.maisonwhite.co.uk/product-category/house-of-disaster/kids-house-of-disaster/ to view more mugs, lamps and string lights. There are many wares to delight all the family and great gifts for friends.

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