Dora Designs Doorstops Draught Excluders Paperweights

We absolutely adore Dora Designs Doorstops, Draught Excluders, Paperweights and Trophy Heads. They come in a variety of stuffed animals to suit your fancy! A great range of dogs from Airedale to Pug and cats, kittens, chickens, mice, otters, and highland cows to name a few. These unique products are both fun and quirky, and will appeal to all animal lovers. Find your favourite to match your pet or as a loving memory for those you can’t forget. They are fabulous items indeed, these quality animal characters are award winning gifts and fun for all the family.We hope you liked our range, as an Official Dora Designs Stockist we bring you these ideal products for your home at the best price or for that perfect gift. Dora Designs continue to innovate and extend their range of stuffed animal features launching new products and ranges every year, so come back soon to see what’s new. Our current best selling product is the gorgeous Posh Angus Highland Cow Draught Excluder, who can resist these highland cows, but don’t worry if it happens to be out of stock, we get regular deliveries, just email us if you want to reserve yours.

About Dora Designs

Dora Designs are a leading manufacturer of doorstops and draught excluders, great gifts mainly based on animal characters. Their original collection of products are unique, and produced using high quality fabrics.The products attract people to retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom and their highly collectable nature ensures that they will return looking for the latest additions to the range.The company was founded in 1991 when it began designing and manufacturing high quality fabric doorstops on the founders’ parent’s dining table which she would then sell at craft fairs. Some of these original designs are still within the collection today. New fun and quirky designs are launched each year adding plenty of excitement in waiting what’s coming next.The company’s growth has been considerable in the UK the Dora Designs brand is also obtaining an international reputation.

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