Father’s Day Gift Finder

Maison White who's the Daddy Father's Day Flow Chart

Who’s your Daddy?

Everyone loves your dad. He might not get it right all of the time but he’s a family man at heart and a lovable one! Homer loves his food so check out this pun-tastic pizza slice plate and sumptuously soft Jellycat doughnut (or should we say ‘DOH!- nut’?! 

His Ideal Gift
Jellycat DonutPizza snack plate Lastly, this guy looks like a closer relation to his less fortunate three-eyed cousin from Springfield! Jellycat Gracie Grouper Fish

Your dad is the ultimate outdoors guy. He loves nothing more than being close to nature so why not give him the gift of actual bear claws to tear the perfect pulled pork in visceral style this summer or this handy survival kit for the dad who puts the wild in wilderness! 

What He’d Love
BBQ ClawsSurvival Kit


Your wonderfully easy-going, mild-manned dad loves all things outdoors so gift him something for the garden like this super cute storage tin to replace the takeaway tubs and empty ice cream box of garden bits.

The Ideal Gift
 Plant MisterEmma Bridgewater Dig the Garden Tin

Your dad is fiery and protective. His offspring may have flown the underwater nest, so why not gift a tricky escape puzzle box or a suitably fishy flask (there’ll definitely be something ‘fishy’ about the ‘water’ in it….)

Something He’ll Enjoy
Fish Hip FlaskFort Knox Puzzle Box

A dad who will do anything and go anywhere for his offspring. This sometimes- reluctant adventurer can get into scrapes so why not give the gift that will get him out of sticky situations. Marlin will never have to worry about another fishing net again! 

Fishing for a Great Gift
Marine Tool KitFishing Multi Tool


The new fatherly idol for all dads old and new, Bandit is what every dad aspires to be! A lover of cricket and BBQ so check out this handy portable BBQ for beach trips! 

G’Day to Father’s Day
Jellycat Amuseables Sports Cricket BallPortable BBQ

A fatherly figure to more than his own children, Uncle Phil has that balance of humour and toeing the line. He’s most deserving of a cute bedtime book from younger gift givers or a puzzle, which is a great activity to do together.

He’ll be the Judge of that!
Jellycat My Dad & Me BookThemed Puzzle


Portable BBQ For when you need to cook on the go…. 

Your dad may not always make the best choices in life but he’s certainly entrepreneurial and likes to take his work on the road. Treat him to some portability.  

Pure Chemistry
Or how about some scent to disguise any unpleasant ones! Sassy Wax Melts

Peter is known for enjoying a cold one so here are two beautiful beer glasses to share a beverage or for something different, a craft project to build your own pub- perfect for the man cave! 

The Family Guy
Build your own local pubTulip Beer Glasses