Gifts For The School Leaver

Katie Loxton Hana Pouch in Mink

Summer is only a few weeks away. Along with the longer days and balmy evenings comes the time for our post exam chicks to fly the nest. To help ease you through the emotional fog we’ve come up with a list of cool and interesting gifts. From ‘you got this’ gadgets covering every eventuality so you don’t get caught short to something memorable to give to your greatest accomplishments.

If exams are a near distant memory there are lots of exciting changes ahead. Maybe your loved ones are heading to university at the end of the summer? Off to explore the world for a while or straight into a new career? Whatever their next step we’ve got you covered with some thoughtful and heartfelt gifts to show them how much you care and keep you connected.

Wrendale Recipe Book lifestyle

Nothing gives comfort like home cooking, so why not write out your favourite family recipes in this gorgeous Wrendale recipe book and gift it to your fresher. They’re guaranteed to feel nostalgic seeing all your family favourites written in a familiar hand. Let’s face it, no matter how good the young chef – no meal will ever be quite as good as one cooked at home so it’ll also prompt some well needed return visits!

Gentlemans Hardware Kitchen Multi Tool

To go with it you could also gift them a nifty kitchen gadget from Gentlemans Hardware which has all the essential kitchen utensils in one place. Like a pen knife but bigger – it’s the perfect new kitchen utensil starter kit.

Joma Jewellery Happy Little Moments 'Fearless' Bracelet

For something more personal how about some jewellery which can be worn every day? This ‘fearless’ bracelet from Joma is one of my absolute favourites along with the ‘so loved’ bracelet in the same range they are heartfelt, uplifting and on trend – that’s a triple win.

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear Tote Bag

Books and a laptop need to be carried in something, so for the student who isn’t afraid to stand out my absolute favourite is the new Bartholomew bag from Jellycat; big enough to carry a small laptop and some study books and one of the most eye catching creations you’ll ever see! 

Jellycat Bashful Bunny with Pencil

And there’s always a cuddly for when you’re feeling homesick – this is my current favourite Bashful Bunny Pencil – so studious, ideal for anyone studying but there are 100’s to choose from, so you can gift one that’s perfect for your student.

Katie Loxton Amelia Shoulder Bag in Tan
Career LAdder
If your young person is done with studies and starting their career path, nothing says you mean it quite like a ‘boss’ bag. I’m in love with the Amelia bag from Katie Loxton – gorgeous soft tan colour with compartments so your belongings are easy to find and it’s made of vegan leather too. 
6107_c1 Joma Jewellery A Little 'She Believed She Could So She Did' Necklace
The ‘She believed she could so she did’ necklace from Joma is a brilliant affirmation of what is possible, silver plated and boxed in all it’s sentimental, feel good beauty.
Stackers Classic Cosmetic Organiser Lfestyle in Blush

There are teens in my own house and I can vouch that skincare routines are BIG. Stackers have produced a brilliant jewellery box topper which is a beauty organiser and ideal for starting a daily pre-work routine – alternatively they’ve made a joint cosmetics bag/jewellery pouch – perfect for taking to work for a pre-meeting freshen up. 

Jellycat Amuseables Pair of Marshmallows Bag Charm
Travel Bug

You’re never too old for a cuddly friend and these clip on mascots are perfect for hanging onto a backpack Amuseable Pair of Marshmallow Bag Charm & Jellycat Snow Dragon Bag charm

Stackers Petite Zipped Travel Jewellery Box Taupe lifestyle

For jewellery storage on the go, you can’t beat a travel jewellery box – Stackers make some tiny ones which would fit in any bag, and Katie loxton have a range of jewellery rolls to choose from too.


House of Disaster Animal Print Purple Leopard Bum Bag

Or how about an organiser to carry all the essential travel documents? We have a couple of different options – a classic, timeless organiser from Katie Loxton and a statement travel wallet from House of Disaster for the adventurous heart or, an animal print bum bag to make travel essentials easy to reach.

With exciting and often challenging times ahead for these youngster, little gifts and moments of appreciation really do go a long way.