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Jellycat Bunnies

jellycat bunniesI just had to share this delightful picture of our grandson having fun with two best Jellycat Bunnies, just look at how engaged he is in his own little imaginary world, so cute!

This was very much an impromptu moment which saw him entertaining himself with our Jellycats Bunnies while we were busy in our shop. You can see from this photo just how special these Jellycat Soft Toys with their super smooth plush fur mean to children. In this picture is our super huge Bashful Bunny Really Big where they are in a world of their own, that magical place where children go!

It just goes to prove how special these cute Bashful Bunnies are to your little treasure, and why our kids and babies are so attracted to them.

Well done Jellycat in producing such a perfect companion for our little ones!

Of course our grandson is very lucky that Nana stocks these Jelly cat Toy Bunnies at Maison White’s Colchester Store, and you know how grand parents spoil their little treasures, but we aim to bring you these Jellycat Bunnies at the very best prices you will find. We constantly search our competitors to ensure we bring you unbeatable value here at Maison White, with our Jellycats Bunny Sale our prices are the cheapest!

I hope you enjoyed the moments that this picture of my grandson with his Jelly cat Bunny Friends brings as much as it did me! And when your little one looks at you and says “can I have him to take home” don’t blame me! He’s just too irresistible to say no!

Maison White are an authorised Jellycat stockist bringing you the best of the best soft toys at the most competitive prices you will find, we do not charge postage and no minimum order, so the price you see is the price you pay!

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