Kate of Kensington Collection

Kate of Kensington Platters started the collection as a beautiful range of multipurpose marble stone platters and coasters. Each are lovingly handmade from natural marble stone. This means each may vary slightly in colour, texture and character. The range is now extending into compelling and complimenting Gift Cards and Framed Art.

Kate of Kensington Marble Platters & Coasters

The entire manufacturing process is done in house, from design conception to product production. All Kate of Kensington marble stone platters are unique because they are hand made using natural stone marble. They are crafted to have a rustic looking finish with no two pieces being the same. Therefore each stone platter will vary slightly from piece to piece and may have veins, divots and rustic edges. Furthermore they may not be perfectly square, all being part of the products natural charm. Like all Kate of Kensington marble stone platters, they are hand printed and boast distinctive design. All taking inspiration from the flora and fauna of the English countryside. The Kate of Kensington coasters, medium and sharing sized marble platters are backed with rubber bumper feet. The large sizes are cork backed for protection on all surfaces. As such the marble platters can withstand light knife work and chopping, but as with any other product, marking may occur over time. All Kate of Kensington marble products are finished with a specially made heat-resistant sealant meaning they can withstand temperatures up to 250°C. Being the perfect multipurpose product, each Kate of Kensington piece is finished in a heat-resistant sealant which makes it highly versatile. This means they can be used in a variety of ways. For instance a cheese board, serving tray, chopping board, or a display piece. The possibilities are endless, a pot stand, cake stand, place mats, food platter, coasters, bread board or a candle stand.

Reed Diffusers

Kate of Kensington have introduced a fabulous range of reed diffusers to compliment the core range of marble platters. Each scent is lovingly crafted to produce the aroma essence of the flora and fauna of the design on the platter. Unique from most other branded reed diffusers, Kate’s bottles can be used as a decorative addition to your kitchen. Also offering more functionally as a handy storage container for herbs, small utensils or almost just anything you prefer.