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Le Toy Van Toys at Maison White

Le Toy Van Toys were born in 1995 by Georges Le Van. A delightful family brand, Le Toy Van’s passion for play is thoroughly thought out and reflected through all of their collections. Le Toy Van design ethically made toys using natural, sustainable materials, such as wood. Creating durable toys that can be enjoyed by generations for many years to come, inspiring growing minds whilst withstanding long-term play. You can view our extensive range of Le Toy Van Wooden Toys.

Petitlou – the Baby & Toddler toys which come in a range of designs such as the charming Animal Andes or Forest Stacker Tower and Bag. The bright colours in the creative Rainbow Tunnel create many opportunities for play. The Rocking Unicorn Carousel will help develop a childs mobility and balance. With lots of colour and layers of attention to detail, little fingers and inquisitive minds will thrive whilst discovering the toys in the Petilou range.

Le Toy Van Toys Dolls Houses

Home is where the heart is and this is where the story began, the first creation for the Le Toy Van family. Dolls houses encourage imaginative play and verbal development, fine motor skills and problem solving. Children can create stories with character. Le Toy Van Dolls houses come in many beautifully crafted options, the details on the windows, doors and even the roof! Wait until you get inside! All of the Dolls Houses are compatible with the Daisylane collections. For amazing value check out Sweet Heart Cottage which includes the furniture set, think bunk beds, table and plates, a mini skate board and even the kitchen sink!

A Le Toy Van Dolls House is one for the family. The Cherry Tree Hall Dolls House is a grand 4 story property standing at a proud 92cm tall. Staircases lead to each floor, with a ladder to the attic. Each room features different room decoration for room definition. The Daisylane range continues on from the Dolls House and have engaging playable features! A firm favourite is the Holiday Campervan, with its vintage style, gingham check print – this truly nostalgic vehicle is complete with surfboard for those who love to cruise the sea and the road. Perfect for those 2020s great British holiday makers! Make a special place in your home for the Palace Doll House the largest most impressive in the collection.

Honeybake Toys

Le Toy Van Honeybake Tea Set TV276

Le Toy Van Honeybake toys are brimming with layers of learning opportunities for young, growing imaginations. Designed in a classic style, the Honeybake collection features fun modern aspects to encourage social play. Le Toy Van’s most award winning collection, is the Honeybake range with its design, quality, safety, play and educational value.

You can now have your very own Le Toy Van Shop & Cafe


This fun structure doubles up! With a bell to ring and chalkboard signs, inspire creativity, social and language development. Topped with a charming red and white sail this is a great multifunctional toy, just spin it around to change the scene. Fill the shop with essential produce!

More Honeybake Fun

The Bakers Crate, Fruits ‘5 a Day’ Crate and perhaps a dozen eggs!. You can also add the boxed Pizza and some delicious looking chocolate gateau!

And to take all of those sales from customers – no shop or cafe is complete without a cash register, keep those numbers crunching with some Le Toy Van Money included, with its rustic style, it will take you back to your childhood! If you are little more cutting edge – then perhaps invest in the card machine – great for those who don’t like to carry the cash!

Role play with the Le Toy Van Doctors kit rush off to grab a coffee and a bite to eat from when running the Le Toy Van Cafe, the customers will require drinks! With lots of options on the menu! So whip up some smoothies and milkshakes with the blender and wooden fruit set – also comes with a wooden knife so you can prep the fruit!

Feeling thirsty? and need a pick me up…make espressos and coffees with the Le Toy Van Cafe Machine, perfectly sized pods fit into the cafe machine, press some buttons and voila a tasty hot drink!

The Honeybake Tea Set with its bright red polka dot style, sits perfectly with the painted detail on the shop/cafe stall.

Serve up the tea and treats to the customers, freshly baked birthday cake can be sliced up and dished out.

In the summer months then all keep your customers cool with Carlos Gelato Stand, pick your favourite flavours and enjoy a cool treat!

Go the whole hog and bake the goods for the cafe in the Oven and Hob! There is nothing like freshly baked goods in imaginative play.

Cars & More!

Cars & Construction an imaginative range of wooden vehicles and role play with a mixture of small and large designs with different playability factors for children of all ages to engage with. Whether it’s a Le Toy Van Campervan or sightseeing the city on a Le Toy Van London bus. The iconic bright red double decker has lots of space for little play friends. Zooming vehicles from famous cities like the Le Toy Van New York Car Set including the familiar Yellow Taxi and School Bus or rushing to the rescue in an emergency with the Wooden Fire Engine. Get set to build with the Le Toy Van Wooden Tool Bench with toy power tools, such as a drill and turning saw. This comprehensive set includes a clamp, saw, hammer, screwdriver, spirit level and so much more! A wide range of toys with lots of scope for imaginative play.

Le Toy Van Toys Doctors Medical Kit

The Le Toy Van Doctors Kit

encourages social skills through imaginative play. The cleverly designed ‘kit’ promotes fine motor skills with the kaleidoscope in the ear scope, twisting syrup lid & Velcro blood pressure monitor. All neatly packaged in the cute red doctors bag with the snappy red wood handle! Hours of fun playing Doctors at home and on the go!

Le Toy Van Castles

With Le Toy Van Castles pretend play makes you king of the castle! With 3 on offer the My First Castle
is a great addition for adventures in the kids playroom, stickers included! The Le Toy Van Lionheart Wooden castle

is rich in interactivity. An impressive turn-lifting drawbridge, a pull-up portcullis, turrets, towers, prison ramparts, a winch, a ladder and flags. The castle sits on a detailed painted wooden baseboard.

Le Toy Van Toys creates a world of fun with safe and sustainable activity toys for your little ones imagination for years to come. See our Le Toy Van Toys and fill your child with learning and fun.

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