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Stacking Up Style & Sustainability: The Evolution of Stackers

Born from a passion for organisation and the belief that everything deserves a designated home, Stackers emerged 12 years ago. Recognising a void in the market for stylish and adaptable jewellery storage, they took matters into their own hands, crafting solutions that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

But Stackers' story doesn't end there. While their commitment to organisational beauty remains their core value, their collection has blossomed. Today, you'll find Stackers expanding beyond jewellery storage, now offering solutions for: Travel: Keep your essentials packed and organized with their travel-friendly range. Home: From kitchens to living rooms, find stylish storage solutions for every corner of your abode. Cosmetics: Organize your makeup and toiletries with elegance and ease. Bags: Their newest addition, the bag collection, helps you carry your essentials in style.

Stackers are made to help you beautifully organise every aspect of your life.

Stackers isn't just about storage; it's about a lifestyle. They believe that a well-organized space fosters peace of mind and empowers you to live your life more efficiently. Their products are crafted with sustainability in mind, utilising recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible, ensuring that organisation goes hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility. Ready to embark on your journey towards a beautifully organised and sustainable life? Explore the Stackers collection today and discover how their innovative solutions can transform your home and routine.