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Roller Hand Towel & Tea Towels | Sophie Allport | Emma Bridgewater

Sophie Allport Woof Roller hand towel Tea towel and hob cover with range AGA cooker
Sophie Allport Woof Roller hand towel Tea towel and hob cover with range AGA cooker

A kitchen staple, is the under appreciated tea towel. A practical must have in every kitchen. Meet the Sophie Allport Roller Towel, available in 27 different designs.

There are so many uses for tea towels, not all of them just for the kitchen! Most would use them to quickly dry their hands after washing them, instead of using a paper towel. You can also use tea towels to quickly grab hot things out of the microwave. Tea towels are also very handy to keep your baked goods warm, such as baked potatoes or the freshly baked pie, or a warm tea towell to encourage the rise for the bread! Another handy tip is to use the the tea towel as a work top saver!

A unique way to use your tea towel is to wrap gifts in them. This saves on paper and you can repurpose the ‘wrap’ after for its original intended use as a tea towel.

The roller hand towels are ideal in the kitchen, they stay locked onto your oven handle, so there is always towel to hand. They have been made with the gorgeous patterned cotton fabric and a towelling mix. They would even look great in the downstairs loo!

The Sophie Allport tea towels and Roller Towels are all 100% cotton, they are machine washable at 40°C

Sophie Allport Favourite Tea Towels


Humans best friend feature heavily in Sophie Allports designs and the Dalmatian range is possibly the cutest!

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A classic country or farmhouse design, the Pheasant range from Sophie Allport is matched with oven gloves and more .

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Multi Hearts

Brand NEW for 2021 the multi hearts feature an array of colourful love hearts. Bring some rainbow to your kitchen!

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A lovely country design featuring an small army of bees on a soft pale green background. The black and yellow bees with their delicate white wings stand out beautifully.

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a rich contemporary look with dragonflies, the midnight blue creates a base for the delicate wing work displayed on each dragonfly.

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A striking design with the racing green background and the bright burnt orange colour foxes. Sure to turn heads!

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Perfect for your AGA or cooker rail, the roller hand towel has a velcro fastening so it won’t slip off onto the floor. Velcro fastening 100% cotton  | 29.4cm x 45.5cm
Machine washable (fasten the velcro when you wash it!). All products are made from rolls of fabric with a pattern repeat design. This means the design featured on each item will vary.

The tea towel is 45cm x 65cm | 100% cotton.
There is a handy ‘loop’ on the top left corner of the tea towel so you can hang it up in your kitchen.

Emma Bridgewater’s popular tea towels


A lovely bright fresh look! and covered with the Emma Bridgewater Buttercup design.

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This is the perfect tea towel for any dog lover! Which breed is your tail-wagging favourite on this Emma Bridgewater Dogs Tea Towel?.

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Perfect Cordial

Tea Towel this an eye catching tea towel features the iconic ‘Black Toast’ lettering with a delicious recipe. An ideal choice for any kitchen.

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There are some insutructions on washing the fabric and we have copied the information below, courtesy of the Sophie Allport website. This also cover curtains, cushion covers, napkins and so on… you can use this information for washing fabrics by Sophie Allport

How to Care for Sophie Allport Fabric

To keep our fabrics looking their best it is recommended to launder as is necessary. Leaving it longer than necessary may cause discolouration of the design and a tendency to wash at a high heat!. We recommend that all fabrics, that can be washed, are separated into light or dark colours and washed at 30-40 degrees (depending on the care instructions – see below). For best results, select a non-biological detergent containing no optical whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes that can cause colours to fade or become patchy and can also damage fabrics. When hand washing, do not place the detergent directly onto the laundry, but ensure liquids are dispersed and powders completely dissolved before immersing the items to be washed.

Please note: When our fabrics are constructed into other products (eg curtains, blinds etc.) we would recommend pre-washing the fabric before construction if you are planning to launder the product. If your final items require cleaning (eg curtains), we would recommend dry cleaning to avoid any shrinkage. This is because all fabrics will be subject to some degree of shrinkage. This can vary dependent on the type of fabric and the conditions it is used in. For example the lining of your curtains may shrink differently to the Sophie Allport cotton fabric.

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