Angel Wings Wall Decor

Maison White bring you this amazing selection of wall hanging Angel Wings.

Our best sellers include the resin cast distressed sculptured Large Silver Angel Wings Wall Art on sale at the best price of just £199 including delivery. We bring you this low price as a leading Parlane Stockist with hundreds of satisfied customers instore and online over the last few years. We guarantee to be the cheapest seller of Angel Wings Wall Decor, we check our competitors regularly but if we missed one let us know and we’ll reward you for your time!

These Mesmorising Large Silver Angel Wings Wall Hanging as featured in The Feathered Nest blog will adorn any wall in any room, a particularly striking addition in your hall or bedroom, sure to make a statement of your good taste in home decor! To get yours online click “add to basket” below!

Come back soon, as we will be launching some new designs to widen your choice. We can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Angel Wings Wall Decor Large – Best Price Guaranteed

  1. Charlotte says:

    I am eating to order these also. If I order and pay next week am I guaranteed a pair when they are back in stock?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hello, I’m interested in buying your large silver angel wings for £190 a pair. Can you just confirm that these wings are 102 cm in hight & 60cm wide? I have saw these on other site’s but this site seams genuine. Are these Angel wings a nice silver in colour also as I wanted them to be a proper silver to match my living room. ?

    • Michele McConnachie says:

      Hi Lisa, When the wings are hanging on the wall the widest points are 750mm length approx.102cm They are Silver with blacked bits in the cracks and an overall ageing (varnish) a bit hard to describe but if you are able to zoom in on the picture,hopefully you will see what I mean. We have sold out for the moment and more due in mid-end June. You can order now to secure your pair as they do go quickly. Hope this helps. Michele x

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