Background to Weaver Green

The opportunity to help clear up some of the 35 billion plastic bottles that end up in our seas and landfill every year was too good to miss for Tasha and Barney of Weaver Green. They began exploring the many ways that this practical, robust material could be given a second, more long-term use within our homes and gardens.

Weaver Green have spent 7 years perfecteng a method for recycling single use plastic bottles into beautiful, soft woven textiles. They have since made it their mission to create gorgeous products that you would choose regardless of their environmental credentials. 

Amazing Environmental Credentials

With over 35 billion plastic bottles finding their way into our seas each year and over 90% of all marine birds having plastic deposits in their stomachs, Weaver Greenfelt it was important to look at creative and useful ways of turning recycled plastic bottles into beautiful additions for our homes and everyday lives. 

Their range of environmentally-friendly, rugs look and feel just like wool, but contain up to 3000 salvaged plastic bottles each. All of Weaver Green products are made in exactly the same way meaning everything we sell has helped prevent hundreds of single use plastic bottles from ending up in the ground or floating in the ocean. 

Weaver Green care about people as well. They only use weaving houses committed to employing skilled adults, who are paid fairly and enjoy comfortable and fair working conditions.

Beautiful Products, Practical Solutions

The thing that we love best about Weaver Green products is that people pick them up and fall in love with them long before they realise they are made from recycled plastic. 

Weaver Green have worked hard to create a range of textiles that are beautiful in their own right and that we want to use in our own homes, it’s just an added bonus that they are great for the planet as well. 

All of Weaver Green rugs and textiles have the same soft feel of wool or Jute but, thanks to being made from recycled plastic, everything we sell is machine washable, moth proof, easy to clean, mould resistant, UV stable and hard wearing.

Incredible Practicality

Being made from recycled plastic means all Weaver Green rugs, cushions, throws, and footstools are absolutely perfect for use in kitchens, under dining tables, in bathrooms and hallways, as well as outside on garden terraces and in summer houses. You can even take your products to the beach or on a camping trip!

  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for those with dust mite allergies or asthma 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • UV stable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Immune to textile moth attack
  • Great for pet owners
  • Stain resistant (red wine just washes out) 
  • Very hard wearing 

In their first three years Weaver Green already recycled over 65 million bottles, 40% of those recovered from waterways destined for the ocean. On that basis alone, we believe that the overall impact of their work is positive.

Help us save the Planet! Buy environmentally friendly with Weaver Green!