Sara Miller Curtains

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Original price was: £155.00 – £235.00.Current price is: £115.00 – £175.00.

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 All curtains available at Maison White. Sumptuous soft velvet, the Sara Miller Curtains feature her signature style; elegant patterns with bursts of colour adding luxury and style to your room or feature wall.

All pairs of curtains are finished with gold effect eyelets and feature printed velvet fabric. The curtains are available in a a range of widths and drops. Whether you need 66×72, 66×90 or 90x90inches. The 90 inch drop is around 220cm – which is the average window to floor height in most homes. 90×90″ sizes are ideal for most ‘French’ style doors. How to measure for Ready made curtains  check out our step by step guide on how to best measure for new curtains 

The Sara Miller Enchanted Gate design features an ornate gate, entwined with leaves and birds, on a sumptuous deep navy background.

Sara Miller Smokey Blue Birds Curtains are designed with a host of colourful birds and the signature style from the Chelsea Collection; golden colour little leaves, on a deep Navy background, these curtains are lined and made to the highest standard.

For a greener look, the Heron Teal Curtains the luxurious green curtains have a number of stunning Herons dancing around flora and fauna.

The most striking, is the Emerald coloured Sara Miller Green Birds Curtains emulating the Chelsea Collection with the colourful birds on a striking background. A statement piece in any home.

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