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Jellycat Celebrating 25 Years Collection

25th Anniversary & Heritage Editions

Celebrate 25 years of Jellycat magic with these limited-edition Heritage Collection! These exquisite soft toys, meticulously crafted with ultra-soft fabrics, pay homage to the brand’s beloved characters. Own a piece of Jellycat history and let these timeless designs bring a touch of enchantment to your life.

THE JELLYCAT STORY Cats, with their ancient eyes and endless curiosity, have captivated humans for millennia. Their playful antics, soft fur, and unwavering affection have woven them into the tapestry of our lives, bringing countless moments of joy. Among these feline charmers, a special lineage emerged – the Jellycat family, distinguished by their playful spirits and a unique symbol: the Jelly Hat. read more on the Blog
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