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Jellycat Amuseables at Maison White

Step into a world of quirky and lovable characters with Jellycat Amuseables! At Maison White, we invite you
to explore our Amuseable collection that promises to brighten up any day and spark your imagination.


Amuseables: The Quirky Addition to the Jellycat Family

The Amuseables range is a true testament to the creativity and charm of Jellycat. With a variety of playful characters, each boasting its own unique personality, these quirky additions are sure to brighten up any collection. Whether you're a Jellycat enthusiast or seeking a unique gift, the Amuseables collection promises to bring smiles and joy to all.

Discover Our Vibrant Amuseables Collection

Embrace the whimsy of Jellycat Amuseables & Jellycat Food, where tropical fruits, vegetables, and even a bonsai tree come to life in the most delightful way. Our collection features a versatile range of toys, bags, purses, and attachable bag charms, offering something special for everyone.

The Magic of New Arrivals

Welcome the latest additions to the Jellycat Amuseables family. The 2023 release brought a burst of creativity with new bags and fast food-themed soft toys. Indulge in the playfulness of the Amuseable Burger, marvel at the Taco with its funky salad hairdo, and savour a Slice of Pizza. These imaginative plushes add a fresh twist to the Jellycat experience and make for the quirkiest collectible gifts.

Embrace the Fun of Amuseables with Maison White

At Maison White, we take joy in curating collections that add a dash of fun to your life. Our Jellycat Amuseables assortment is no exception, as we invite you to explore the whimsical world of these lovable characters. Let your imagination run wild and discover the perfect Amuseable companion that speaks to your heart.

Our favourites are the Amuseable Jellycat Croissant and Jellycat Coffee. With Jellycat Watermelon which has the gorgeous coral coloured fur and a stripy green body!

The 2023 release of the Amuseable range saw new bags and new fast food soft toys. With new creative plushes such as The Amuseable Burger, Taco with the most funky salad hair do! & slice of Pizza.