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Palm Pals Soft Toys

Meet Palm Pals, the super cute range of soft toy animals pop one in the palm of your hand. They have a beanie base, which is lightly stuffed allowing for great playtime with the fluffy friend. There is a whole range to collect – with various themes such as Fruit, Vegetables, Sealife, Jungle, Dogs, Cats, Mushrooms, Boba Tea and many more…

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Why Choose Palm Pals?

Palm pals are incredibly cute; sit in the palm of your hand cuddle buddies! Brought to at Maison White from Aurora World, a well known quality soft toy producer. Each Palm Pal, is designed to be weighted to sit neatly in your palm. Measuring approximately 13cm tall they make idea gifts for party bags, stockings and 'just because'. These toys are made with the environment in mind - using recycled plastic materials, taking the UK by storm... will they be as big a hit as Jellycat or TY toys? we shall see. They certainly make for the ideal collectable toy.
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