Jellycat Heritage Collection

Jellycat Celebrating 25 Years Collection

25th Anniversary & Heritage Editions

Celebrate 25 years of Jellycat magic with the limited-edition Heritage Collection! These exquisite plushies, meticulously crafted with ultra-soft fabrics, pay homage to the brand’s beloved characters. Own a piece of Jellycat history and let the timeless designs bring a touch of enchantment to your life.

The Jellycat story

Cats, with their ancient eyes and endless curiosity, have captivated humans for millennia. Their playful antics, soft fur, and unwavering affection have woven them into the tapestry of our lives, bringing countless moments of joy. Among these feline charmers, a special lineage emerged – the Jellycat family, distinguished by their playful spirits and a unique symbol: the Jelly Hat.

This whimsical headwear wasn’t just fashion; it was a constant reminder of the family’s core mission – to spread joy far and wide. Worn by each generation, the Jelly Hat served as a mantle, passed down with the responsibility of bringing smiles to human faces.

In 1999, filled with the spirit of nine generations of joy-givers, the ninth Jellycat cat, Jack, took a momentous leap. He opened the doors to Jellycat Studios in London, eager to share the family’s magic with the world.


Jellycat Bag Charm
Jellycat Bag

And share they did! From whimsical bunnies and cuddly octopuses to cheeky dinosaurs and fantastical dragons, the Jellycat family blossomed, each creation filled with the playful spirit and purrfect snuggles that have become synonymous with the Jellycat brand.

Today, as Jellycat Studios celebrates its 25th anniversary, Jack, the ever-optimistic ninth cat, is on a global tour, spreading joy and reminding us all of the simple magic that a cuddle, a giggle, and a touch of whimsy can bring. So, join the celebration, embrace the Jellycat spirit, and let the joy take hold!

Happy 25 years to Jellycat

25 YEAR Edition Jellycat Bunny

Some bunny to love – a special design for the 25 year edition Luxe Bunny named Azure – a stunning Bashful design, with soft hues of blue, green and pink mottled fur complete with the statement soft pink nose. Luxe bunnies feature extra soft fur and a super fluffy tail. Available in 2 sizes Azure Big and Azure Original.

Jellycat Bashful Luxe Bunny Azure Big (Huge) back
25 Years THE HERItage collection

A blast from the past – Jellycat have transported 3 of their much loved designs into their 25th anniversary collection. Available for 2024 only, we’re excited to ‘reintroduce’ you to…

Jellycat Junglie Monkey angle

Junglie Monkey – Going bananas for the big come back, Junglie Monkey has soft tones of brown fur and the cheekiest grin. 

Jellycat Fergus Frog angle

Fergus Frog – Pop a hop in your step and turn that down upside down, this chilled bean bag frog is back in town! 

Jellycat Truffles Sheep Large angle

Truffles Sheep Large – Cuddle the night away with this dreamy sheep, ideal for cuddles or laying your head. You can count on this sheep!

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