Jellycat Blossom Bunny

Jellycat Blossom Bunny Tulip Soother

Jellycat Blossom Bunny

We just love the cute little Jellycats Bunnies, but nothing surpases Jellycat Blossom Bunny, just like their original Bashful Bunnies in colour and size but they come with beautiful floral ears and floral feet, very girly indeed!. Blossom comes in a variety of colours, and we have chosen various sizes in beige, cream, silver, rose, honey and tulip pink. They come in Tiny (Baby), small and medium. Blossom Cream Bunny and Blossom Tulip Bunny also come in the large size. We’ve also added a cute comforter, the Jellycat Blossom Tulip Bunny Soother, a perfect gift for baby girl.

Jellycat Blossom Beige Bunny

Jellycat Blossom Beige Bunny Medium

Jellycat Blossom Beige Bunny comes in three sizes, Baby, Small and Medium. Many refer to the popular Bashful Beige Bunny as a he!, so we think Blossom Beige with its floral ears and feet must be a she, and more appropriate for girls that like beige!

Jellycat Blossom Tulip Bunny

jellycat blossom tulip bunny large



















The most popular of all Blossoms, just has to be Jellycat Blossom Tulip Bunny, we have her in 4 sizes, Baby, Small, Medium and Large. Tulip Blossom also comes as a baby comforter as Jellycat Blossom Tulip Soother, this is small bunny with a blankie attached, just the perfect gift for new born baby girl

Jellycat Blossom Cream Bunny

Jellycat Blossom Cream Bunny Small



















The second most popular Blossom Bunny, has to be Jellycat Blossom Cream Bunny. She also comes in 4 sizes and is just as cute although noy pink, her lovely soft cream fur is perfect for girls who want a pretty cream bunny.

Jellycat Blossom Silver Bunny

Jellycat Blossom Silver Bunny Medium

Silver Bunny is a relatively new colour to Jellycats Bunnies that has proved to be very popular and bringing out a Jellycat Blossom Silver Bunny once again makes this colour with its floral additions more attractive to little girls who prefer silver or grey. We have Blossom Silver Bunny in 3 sizes, Baby, Small and Medium.

Jellycat Blossom Honey Bunny

jellycat blossom honey bunny small



















And finally to complete our range of Blossom Bunny colours we have Jellycat Blossom Honey Bunny. In this beautiful soft gold honey colour we have only the one size though and that is small

Jellycats Blossoms

We hope that you have found our introduction to the wonderful range of Blossom Bunnies informative, you can see just how cute these bunnies are in comparison to the standard Bashful Bunnies in our Jellycat Bunny Collection.

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