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Micro Scooters, Helmets & Accessories

If you’re looking for a children’s scooter that is made for adventure, look no further than Micro Scooter. Make everyday journeys better, Micro Scooters have been innovating their product for over two decades. You can own an exceptional quality scooter that stands the test of time. Simply replace parts, when the need arises. There are also a range of must have accesssories, such as safety helmets, plus you can fashion up with with bags, pulls, bells & ribbons.

We have many Micro Scooters on sale right now! We stock a huge range of 2 wheeled scooters and 3 wheeled scooters. With accessories such as helmets, handle grips, bells and more. Mini Micro Scooter - Maxi Micro Scooter, Foldable to 3 in 1! Maximise you purchase today. Protect their heads with a helmet - a must for scooting around! You can choose a fun themed helmet to help encourage youngsters to want to wear one - they may not always be the most comfortable (in general!) but saves lives. Micro Scooter have designed a range of simple coloured to fairy or dinosaur themes head protection! Save space with the foldable micro scooter! available in a range of fn colours and the popular light up wheels!
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