Create your own Jellycat Cafe!

Jellycat header afternoon tea
Jellycat Sandwich platter of amuseables sandwiches

A Jellycat Afternoon Tea

With the cutest range of tasty-looking softies, you can create your own Jellycat afternoon tea.

Start with an Amuseable Sandwich or two – these ones are laden with velvety and vibrant cheese, lettuce, and tomato “sandwiched” between soft and fluffy dappled bread, with perfectly golden brown edges (we’re all about crusts on here!). Quite literally too good to eat! Lay one or a few of these happy sarnies on a tray for a full platter look.

Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Religieuse
Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Éclair
Amuseable Pink and White Marshmallows by Jellycat

The Sweet Softies

Find yourself a cute cake stand – we sell some lovely cake stands! A wooden kids play cake stand would do well… Take a selection of your favourite Jellycat Pretty Patisseries such as the “not so tart” Lemon Tart Aux Citron, the strawberry-topped Tarte Aux Fraises, or the lusciously layered Mille Feuille. Present these around the stand and choose your little nibbles!

Need More Jellycat Food?

If you’re feeling a little full up but still looking for more Jellycat Food Delights, perhaps not traditionally found on an afternoon tea cake stand, but we think the Amuseable Pink and White Marshmallows would do well with their Pretty Patisserie friends!

No Jellycat Afternoon Tea is complete without a hot drink… the Amuseable Teapot can supply endless hours of cheerful chai. For those on the go, how about a Bubble Tea! Complete with a suedey straw and stitched bubbles, this happy cuppa has us feeling all Tealicious!

Need a little wake-up then perhaps a shot of Jellycat Amuseable Espresso Cup is on the cards. Filled to the brim with perfectly made freshly brewed brown fur in a pinky poised tiny cup! If you have serious Coffee requirements then you can have your Jellycat Coffee to go – whether it’s the cute bag charm or perhaps the larger bag!

Feeling stuffed with happiness, these Jellycat toys certainly do bring the fun.

Amuseable Coffee-To-Go Bag Charm by Jellycat
Amuseable Bubble Tea by Jellycat
Jellycat Amuseable Teapot

Wait… there’s more. Jellycat Cake & Pastries, Amuseable Croissants with raisins and chocolate, Rainbow cakes with layers and layers of colours – fluffy icing sprinkled with love topped with a birthday candle!

Can’t make time for tea? Then it’s all about the Jellycat Fast Food Cafe!

Jellycat Amuseable Burger main image
Jellycat Amuseable Hot Dog

Perfect for on-the-go cuddles, choose your favourite cuisine. Go all German with the Amuseable Burger, fully dressed with a fluffy patty, suedey lettuce, cheese, and tomato perched between a round bun! Heading over to the USA – you can opt for a Jellycat Hot Dog. The dark orange “frankfurter” is nestled in the fluffy beige bun with a generous squeeze of mustard!

Either way, it’s the perfect Jellycat cafe experience.

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