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Stackers – The Perfect Fit

Just like finding the perfect partner – there’s a stacker for everyone.
Here’s our guide to make finding yours as easy as possible. 

Constantly on the go…

For the Sports lover you can’t beat the travel range – in particular the Stackers Petite Travel Jewellery Box  as it’s ideal for storing your gems while you dash out from the office on a lunchtime run, for stashing your pandora during PE or for your necklaces while you find zen out in yoga. 

Stackers Medium Zipped Travel Jewellery Box lifestyle
Stackers Jewellery Roll Sage Green Lifestyle
Travel Bunny

I remember my first girly holiday abroad and my jewellery was wrapped in a carrier bag! Travel in style and keep your jewellery safe in a Stackers Jewellery Roll. Sleek enough to fit in your handbag and on sale at the moment, it’s a holiday must have! With Ring holders, earring grips, necklace tidies and 3 hand pouches including a zipped pocket in the middle, this Jewellery Roll is the perfect travel companion.

keep it professional 

For the business traveller take the combined Stackers Cosmetic & Jewellery Bag and stay fresh while you travel. Compact enough to fit in your work bag so you can freshen up when you go straight from airport to client, to romantic dinner for two. Taking your jewellery from day to evening effortlessly. A perfectly size makeup pouch to hold your make up essentials – neatly zipped below is a clever Jewellery case, kitted out with pockets, holders and handy ‘sections’.

Cosmetic and Jewellery Bag
Stackers Mini Jewellery Box Set Navy Pebble lifestyle
Just Right

Every one remembers their first jewellery box, but as a teen with your real life Pinterest worthy bedroom there comes a time when the musical ballerina doesn’t quite cut it anymore. The Mini Stackers Jewellery Box comes complete with two levels, making this the perfect transition.  It’s compact enough to fit on any bedroom surface but offers space enough to contain all of your treasures. This is also a great gift for the friend who ‘has’ jewellery but isn’t massively into a big collection. 

For the friend with diamonds in their eyes:

 The OG stackers collection is the best place to start. Kick the collection off with a Stackers jewellery box lid and let it grow from there. Or for the glow up fan you could top your stacker with a cosmetics organiser – keeping your dressing table surface so clutter free that it will be sparking joy Marie Kondo style.  Whatever your flavour there’s a jewellery stack for everything – from rings and watches through to pendants and bracelets, and the best news of all? Your stacker can grow to suit you. So whether you’re into multiple piercings or statement pieces there is a layer for it all… your Stackers set can be as individual as you are?

Stackers Classic Cosmetic Organiser Lfestyle in Blush
Stackers Classic Jewellery Box Lid Oatmeal lifestyle
Stackers Earring Accessory - Set of 3
Stackers Classic Statement Layer Navy Pebble lifestyle

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