The Top 20 Best Selling Jellycat

Jellycat bunny size names new for 2023 showing all 7 sizes and their respective names
The Jellycat top 20

We’re obsessed with many things at Maison White, right up there is being a recommended Jellycat stockist, we’ve compiled our top 20 best selling Jellycat under one page! Most of these Jellycat designs are from ‘core’ ranges, these cuties are continued with each collection – new designs appear and some get retired, so don’t delay when you see one that steals your heart. Most Jellycats in our list such as the Bashful, Fuddlewuddles & Amuseables are here to stay. Many of these super softies have been our best sellers for years.?? A (or more) Jellycat is a failsafe for birthdays, Christmas, new baby and ‘just because’ gifts.

1. Bashful Beige Bunny Original
This Floppy eared, oat coloured bunny – top of most New Baby Gift lists! Available in seven different sizes and a host of accessories such as soother, books and comforters.

2. Fuddlewuddle Dragon?
A majestic minty green Dragon, is weighted and ready for snuggles without the fire!

3. Bartholomew Bear?
An ultra cuddly, soft tan brown bear. Complete with a boopable nose and tummy

4. Snow Dragon
This show stopping Jellycat Dragon, wit sparkling spines, ears and wings loves to spend lazy days snuggling.

5. Tumblie Sheep Dog
A snuggly puppy in grey and cream, taking a rest from a long day of Jellycat cuddles

6. Fuddlewuddle Puppy
This fuddle-tastic fudge coloured pup is fit for a princess, with a weighty bum and paws, he just loves lazy days.


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7. Bashful Giraffe
A real keeper, with bright toffee patches and squidgy horns, this softie is on your level.

8. Odell Octopus Large
From Under the Sea with eight curly arms ready to give the best Jellycat hugs ever

9. Bashful Black & Cream Puppy
Sure to be your best friend, this loveable Jellycat puppy comes in a range of sizes.

10. Sheldon Shrimp
Fun loving shellfish with peachy fur and beady eyes just for you.

11. Amuseable Avocado
An adorable Jellycat Avocado with a squishy stone, there’s nothing ‘and about this amusing fruit.

12. Bashful Silver Bunny Soother
A best friend on the go keeping your blank safe in it’s paws. A babies BBF

13. Amuseable Cloud Bag
A super cool cloud bag for your essentials, with a handy grey strap, this wispy pal won’t float alway!

14. Vivacious Vegetable Aubergine
Plump and perfect with a beany bottom, this aubergine is so serene!

15. Leffy Elf Medium
A very helpful friend, making all sorts of games and toys for Santa

16. Yummy Bunny Silver
Your Jellycat palm sized friend, bottom weighted and oh so cute – see my new friends from the yummy family.

17. Little Bear
With bobbled paws and tussled fur, the little guy is part of a big family.

18. Munro Scottie Dog
A cute cuddly Jellycat canine, can be found snuggled up in the highlands

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19. Sacha Snow Tiger
Winter is cuddling! This tamed friend in snow-white and grey, has pounced into your lap!

20. Harry Panda Cub Medium
One very very snuggly bear, in charcoal grey and white fur, all set for cuddles


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